Conscious quitting

New buzzword or not? ‘Conscious quitting’. People think differently about work.

‘Conscious quitting’.
A survey conducted by the Net Positive Employee Barometer of 4,000 workers in the US and UK found that 51% of US employees and 45% of UK employees – said they would consider leaving their employer if their values did not match theirs.

After buzzwords such as ‘quiet quitting’ and ‘lying flat’ during the Covid-19 period, there is now a new term for employee departure – ‘conscious quitting’. These are employees who are ready to quit jobs where their values do not match the employer’s. In addition to taking care of their financial needs and personal well-being, professionals want to work for companies that address major challenges such as climate change and economic inequality, in the world and in their local communities.

What can employers do?
The study suggested that senior managers focus on three main areas:
– set goals for the company that builds up under something that the world needs
– implement measures to improve communication with employees
– give your employees greater authority and decision-making power (empowerment)

The survey says; Companies must be ambitious enough to set the goals that are urgent to achieve, not those that are easy to achieve. Secondly, communication with employees should be open, meaningful and two-way.
“This is the only way to give employees confidence that the company is taking the necessary measures,” the survey pointed out
The survey also said that managers should give their employees greater roles in the organization’s initiatives

The survey can be read here

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