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Safe and competent employees

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Snapper Competence and learning platform gives you an all in one solution!

Snapper provides a full overview and follow-up of the company's competence management. Personalized and automated learning courses with modern LMS

Easily create relevant courses adapted to your own business - or choose ready-made courses from one of our course partners

Customized industry solutions for power and energy, production and Industry and construction.

Satisfied customers:

Snapper helps
BKK with critical competence management

BKK has used Snapper for almost 10 years and uses Snapper for competence management, course administration and e-learning, as well as documentation of BKK’s critical competences.

Trond-Erik Eide

special advisor vocational training BKK Net

Snapper helps sports Norway to improve

The trainer certificate is a simple and digital review of the most important tasks for trainers in Norwegian sports. Coaching certificate provides a basic understanding and clarification of expectations of what is required to be a coach, so that athletes encounter a safe environment regardless of coach, sport or club.

Snapper has made it possible for NIF to increase the competence of volunteer trainers in an inspiring and engaging way. The result is a safer and better training environment for children and young people.

Jon Grydeland


Snapper has since 2003 delivered market-leading competence and learning portals and apps with the aim of making competence building and learning in organizations inspiring!

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Uses Snapper to keep full control over the employees' skills and certifications.

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Active users

Uses Snapper to keep their skills up to date and contribute to the company's goals.

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With Snapper, onboarding, certifications, competency requirements, courses and tasks become easy

Get a demonstration of what the SNAPPER Competence and learning platform (LMS) for building and construction can help you with

Gain insight into how SNAPPER – One platform for competence management and learning in the company – can secure and utilize the potential of the company’s employees and their competence.

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Competence management
and learning

Why SNAPPER is the best solution for learning and competence management

Competence management

Full control of statutory and defined critical competences with associated traceability and documentation.

Onboarding, new roles

In Snapper, you can tailor and automate training courses, whether it’s onboarding, new roles or expired certificates.

Tailor courses

Employees embrace learning when it feels personal and relevant. Create engaging and branded courses in minutes, not months

Modern LMS

Snapper is a modern and user-friendly LMS adapted to both managers, employees and HR. Learn anytime, anywhere and on any device

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Guide: Full kontroll på kritisk og lovpålagt kompetanse Hold deg oppdatert

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