Easy integration

Connect your systems and create a seamless user experience

Snapper Integrations

Course library

We have completed integrations with market-leading course libraries such as Videocation AS and GO.

Snapper Integrations

HRM systems

Do not limit yourself to an HR system with a competence module, but rather choose a learning platform that integrates with your HR system.

We have experience with integration with solutions such as SAP, Huldt og Lillevik, Visma, Agresso, HR-partner, Microsoft Dynamics/Axapta, Navision and new systems are added to the list regularly.

Snapper Integrations

API access

Our robust API gives you the opportunity to connect to various applications, and facilitate a smooth data flow between the systems. This opens the door to tailor-made solutions that meet your unique needs.

Snapper Integrations

SCORM compatibility

For those using SCORM-compliant learning resources, our LMS offers full support. This ensures that your content is compliant and can be tracked effectively.

Snapper Integrations

Single Sign-On (SSO):

Safety is top priority. Our SSO integration ensures that your users can access the LMS without having to remember multiple passwords, while keeping their data secure

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Snapper gives you:

Complete solution

Competence development and learning platform/LMS - all in a complete solution

No double registration

Integrate and talk to your other systems - no double registration

Learn anytime, anywhere

Learn anytime, anywhere and on mobile, tablet or desktop

Get started quickly

Our experts help you get started quickly and ensure that you get a quick ROI

State of the art Security & Privacy

We have state of the art security and Privacy/GDPR is of course handled

AI assisted learning

Work smarter with the Snapper AI assistant