Personalized and engaging learning on employees' terms

Personalisert læring med Snapper LXP
Snapper LXP

Engaging and inspiring learning

At a time when knowledge and learning have never been more important, Snapper LXP gives employees the opportunity to explore, develop and learn new skills. Make learning an experience that both motivates and engages.

BKK has used Snapper for almost 10 years and uses Snapper for competence management, course administration and e-learning, as well as documentation of BKK's critical competences.

Snapper Competence development

Define Competency Requirements and let Snapper do the rest

Get a full overview and control of your organisation’s learning needs and statutory requirements – and make their implementation a natural part of learning – regardless of whether it is courses, certifications or documentation.

Snapper Competence development

New employee, new roles or new competence requirements?

Automated Learning Plans: Based on mapped competence needs, the system creates customized learning plans for each individual employee, role or situation. This leads to targeted and effective training.

Snapper Competence development

Enables the company and managers to drive proactive competence development

It is easier to lead, develop and get more out of your employees when you have a full overview of which people and roles have which type of competence – or who lack essential competence

Get a demonstration of what the SNAPPER Competence and Learning Platform (LMS) can help you with

Gain insight into how SNAPPER  –
One platform for competence management and learning in the company
– can secure and utilize the potential of the company’s employees and their expertise. 

Snapper gives you:

Complete solution

Competence development and learning platform/LMS - all in a complete solution

No double registration

Integrate and talk to your other systems - no double registration

Learn anytime, anywhere

Learn anytime, anywhere and on mobile, tablet or desktop

Get started quickly

Our experts help you get started quickly and ensure that you get a quick ROI

State of the art Security & Privacy

We have state of the art security and Privacy/GDPR is of course handled

AI assisted learning

Work smarter with the Snapper AI assistant