Onboarding, Preboarding and Offboarding

Give new employees the best start with onboarding that structures information and training in a time course that suits the role and the start-up process in your business. Off-boarding included!

A good onboarding process with associated routines will help new employees understand the organisation's values, way of working and, not least, create an opportunity to get to know new business. Give new colleagues the best possible start to their working relationship with digital onboarding.

Before start-up - Preboarding

The motivation to acquire knowledge about working conditions and a new employer is often high immediately after entering into a contract. The period leading up to the first day of work is therefore a great opportunity to let employees start preparations for a new working day. A safe start is about being well prepared and confident in new surroundings. With Snapper’s template-based onboarding, it is easy to arrange for professional knowledge dissemination even before a new colleague shows up for the first day of work (often called preboarding).

Example of a preboarding learning course:

  • Welcome video
  • Vision and values
  • Relevant documents
  • Personnel handbook
  • Agenda first week

Motivating first days

The first time in a new job is characterized by a lot of new information. It is therefore important that the onboarding process is spread over time and that the flow of information is prioritized and portioned. With e-learning and a digital learning curve, the onboarding avoids interfering with daily tasks. Let the employee get to know the new workplace at their own pace. Snapper onboarding provides a structured and clear implementation of the necessary training measures.

Meaningful learning as a conclusion

Learning is most effective when it is experienced as meaningful. Interaction between the employee’s needs and the position’s requirements for deliveries will be decisive for a positive learning curve. Snapper onboarding allows for adaptation of the standard start-up course in relation to individual job instructions and work routines. Finish the onboarding race with a fellow player who is inspired to learn more!

New employee, new roles or new machines - automatic learning paths ensure training

Whether you have a new employee, an employee who is changing roles or you need training on a new machine, create learning courses adapted to the situation with content that is perceived as most possible and relevant. This increases efficiency and reduces costs

Snapper LMS gir deg muligheten til å lage skreddersydde læringsløp

Available everywhere

Snapper makes the training available to employees on the factory floor, on the construction site or those on the go. Let your employees access courses from anywhere, whether they are computers, mobiles or tablets. No coordination or planning is required.

Get a demonstration of what the SNAPPER Competence and Learning Platform (LMS) for industry and production can help you with

Gain insight into how SNAPPER – One platform for competence management and learning in the company – can secure and utilize the potential of the company’s employees and their competence.

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