Security and GDPR - Of course!

Snapper has been concerned with security since day one

Snapper is a secure LMS that offers end-to-end data encryption, SSO, high availability, redundant data storage, disaster recovery to ensure our infrastructure is reliable and your data is safe
– and is of course GDPR ready

Robust architecture

Multi-tier architecture from Azure or Gandi as a scaler, without compromising performance or security - with an uptime of 99.95%

GDPR Ready

Snapper is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We only collect data that is necessary and make it easy to view and manage your data.

Single Sign On

SAML Single Sign On (SSO) allows your users to authenticate to their own system without having to re-authenticate to access Snapper.

Data security and encryption

We keep data separate from the customer throughout the entire life cycle. No data is transmitted or stored without encryption

Powered by AI

Snapper uses AI to improve solutions and we are committed to innovating and using AI technology in a practical and ethical way t


Snapper is audited annually by independent third-party companies to document that we comply with the strictest standards.

Snapper Security

Safe and reliable

Snapper never compromises your cyber security! At Snapper, we take security seriously, and you can rest assured that your data is in capable hands. We use first-class security technologies and rigorous processes that put the security of our customers’ data first.

Snapper Security

GDPR compliance

Snapper is a fully compliant LMS with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All data processed by Snapper is stored securely and encrypted using au encryption keys controlled by Snapper. Snapper only uses solid European subcontractors.

Snapper Security

Single Sign-On (SSO):

Safety is top priority. Our SSO integration ensures that your users can access the LMS without having to remember multiple passwords, while keeping their data secure

Snapper Security

Safety culture

We’ve been security-minded since day one, putting security first at every stage of the development lifecycle. Our entire Snapper product and development team has undergone security training, has regular code reviews and annual penetration tests and vulnerability scans.

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Snapper helps BKK with competence management and documentation of competence and courses

Competence management:

  • What skills do employees have today?
  • What do we need going forward?
  • What skills measures do we need to implement quickly to get there?
  • What is the progress status?

Documentation of competence and course administration:

  • Enrollment and registration for internal and external courses
  • Implementation of self-produced e-courses
  • Uploading a certificate of competence

BKK has used Snapper for almost 10 years and uses Snapper for competance management, course administration and e-learning, as well as documentation of BKK's critical competence.