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From implementation to optimization, Snapper helps you succeed

Snapper offers a range of services to ensure and help you succeed in the best possible way with competence development and training in your business

Training and education

We offer all forms of training and education in Snapper

Implementation and Integration

Let us help you so that the implementation and integration of Snapper is the best possible for your business

Start-up and Onboarding

Snapper has for a number of years delivered learning solutions to Norwegian businesses and knows what it takes to get a good start-up and a quick

Competence and learning strategy

We are happy to help you prepare, refine or implement the company's competence and learning strategies

Courses and data migration

Existing courses and data - no problems. We help you get them into Snapper

Adaptation to
workflows and processes

We help you adapt Snapper to your company's workflows and processes.

Snapper Services

Fast and stress-free implementation and onboarding

We understand how important the employee onboarding time is to meet ongoing needs and get a quick ROI. Snapper will hold your hand during the implementation and onboarding and ensure that you are up and running with skills development and training in a few weeks – not months

Snapper Services

Training and education for all needs

Whether there is a need to train different roles such as managers, HR or advanced training and training for super users – Snapper adapts the training to their needs

Snapper Services

Competence and learning strategy

Since 2001, Snapper has helped Norwegian businesses with competence development and employee training. We are happy to help you with how to best adapt and develop, and not least implement, a competence and learning strategy for your business

Discuss with our experts today how you can best get started and how you can make the most of Snapper

Snapper helps BKK with competence management and documentation of competence and courses

Competence management:

  • What skills do employees have today?
  • What do we need going forward?
  • What skills measures do we need to implement quickly to get there?
  • What is the progress status?

Documentation of competence and course administration:

  • Enrollment and registration for internal and external courses
  • Implementation of self-produced e-courses
  • Uploading a certificate of competence

BKK has used Snapper for almost 10 years and uses Snapper for competance management, course administration and e-learning, as well as documentation of BKK's critical competence.