competence and learning platform/LMS for employee development, reskilling and upskilling

The labor market has changed significantly in recent years, and in the tight labor market we are currently experiencing, it has become even more important to retain and further develop the people we have over time.

SNAP Competence and learning platform

The labor market has changed significantly in recent years, and in the tight labor market we are currently experiencing, it has become even more important to retain and further develop the people we have over time.

NHO’s competence barometer shows that Norwegian companies have this on the agenda, where 83% say they want to cover competence needs and close gaps by raising the competence of their own employees

For some companies, the focus is on upskilling, i.e. employee development and continuous, lifelong learning with small steps and systematic measures. For other companies, reskilling or retraining are more appropriate measures.

The challenge here is to find system support to both handle competence strengthening, employee development together with the distribution of different learning in different formats to employees.

Snapper provides you with competence management, employee development and a learning platform in a seamless solution. This gives employees, managers and the organization a number of advantages when it comes to separating and separating the organisation

Make it personal and relevant

Create personal learning paths and programs for re- and upskilling for new tasks, new roles and new skills. With Snapper, you can tailor the training to the individual

Strengthen the company's competitiveness

The company is only as good as its employees. Create an arena for further development and your employees will reward you with increased commitment and loyalty

Available everywhere

Let your employees access courses from anywhere, whether they have computers, mobiles or tablets. Snapper allows you to reach all your employees – whether they are in the office, at home or on the road

Full overview of competence

With the competence module, you have a full overview of the competence in the company, and have the opportunity to document fulfilled or missing competence requirements down to individual, team, department and organizational level.

Leaders with insight

It is easier to lead, develop and get more out of your employees when you have a full overview of which people and roles have which type of competence. Or who lack competence

LMS gir ledere innsikt
Snapper LMS gir deg muligheten til å lage skreddersydde læringsløp

New employee, new roles or new machines?

Automatic learning paths ensure training whether you have a new employee, an employee who is changing roles or you need training on a new machine. Create learning paths adapted to the situation with content that is perceived to be as relevant as possible. This increases efficiency and reduces costs

Available everywhere

Snapper makes the training available to employees in the workplace or those on the go. Let your employees access courses from anywhere, whether they are computers, mobiles or tablets. No coordination or planning is required.

Insight into the entire business

Snapper makes it possible to have a real-time overview and control for administration, HR and managers over their units’ and departments’ level of competence

Snapper LMS lar deg kombinere online med fysisk læring

Blended learning

Combine the training with digital courses, classrooms and on-the-job training? Snapper fully supports blended learning and also has the option of registration

Certifications, documentation and notifications

Snapper makes sure to notify when certificates need to be renewed and statutory training needs to be implemented so that both you and your employees have the necessary competence at all times. Automated learning, traceability and digital signatures ensure that you are always up-to-date and audit ready

Snapper LMS sørger for å varsle når sertifikater må fornyes og lovpålagt trening må iverksettes

Snapper helps BKK with competence management and documentation of competence and courses

Competence management:

  • What skills do employees have today?
  • What do we need going forward?
  • What skills measures do we need to implement quickly to get there?
  • What is the progress status?

Documentation of competence and course administration:

  • Enrollment and registration for internal and external courses
  • Implementation of self-produced e-courses
  • Uploading a certificate of competence

BKK has used Snapper for almost 10 years and uses Snapper for competance management, course administration and e-learning, as well as documentation of BKK's critical competence.

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