Training app for retail and shops

How to make shop training fun

Together with Ystory, we have created an app for training in retail and shops. We have adapted the employee’s everyday life to optimize the effect of the learning.

We have shifted the focus from courses during onboarding to continuous learning in everyday life.

The solution is a training app that can be updated with new content weekly. To make the content engaging and educational, we use gamefication mechanisms, storytelling that communicates why the content is important, and pedagogy and learning theory that make the employees want to come back again and again.

" I also like the track very much because it provides competition at work. It's always a lot of fun to be the best there!
Employed in Extra

The app may have microlearning. Rather than dumping large amounts of information on the employees every now and then, they pick up little by little in periods where the information is relevant. Handbooks, customer newsletters and other information are also stored in the tool, so that they have a shop management encyclopedia in their pocket at all times.

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