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Why are LXPs necessary? What is an LXP system and how do they differ from an LMS?

In today’s fast-paced world, continuous learning is essential to stay ahead. Learning Experience Platforms (LXP’s) are designed to provide an engaging and interactive learning environment that helps companies acquire new skills and knowledge. This innovative tool has quickly become an important resource for organizations that want to promote employee development and increase efficiency.

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How can AI and ChatGPT help HR and Learning with effective learning and competence development of employees?

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Snapper and GO1 enter into a collaboration agreement to offer comprehensive e-learning courses to Snapper’s customers

Snapper, a leading Norwegian provider of digital learning resources, is pleased to announce a new collaboration agreement with GO1, a global provider of e-learning courses. This agreement will give Snapper’s customers access to GO1’s extensive catalog of over 500,000 courses in a variety of subject areas, including technology, management, languages, security and much more

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Skill Based Talent Management and Learning

There is a buzz around SBTM now due to the increased interest in harnessing the unique potential of each employee because this gives companies the opportunity to meet the ever-changing needs of the labor market and to adapt to the increased competition for talent.

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Advantages of module-based learning

Module-based learning is a pedagogical approach where knowledge and skills are organized and structured in modules that focus on certain parts of a larger subject area. The approach contains learning processes that are structurally designed to combine different learning methods and strategies to create a comprehensive and effective learning experience for those who will carry out the learning measures.

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